A lifelong tree-climber, in-the-dirt-digger, and nature-trinket-collector, my acquaintance with the wonders of the natural world is nothing new.  My attempts to harness and understand its interwoven components, however, have gone from stuffing dead bugs into a film canister and ripping up grass from the park to put in my plant press (who does that?), to immersing myself in formalized education on the very same topics.  I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in Ecology, conducting my field research on bee biodiversity and ecology in the inner south coast range of California.  These days, I’m carefully pinning bees and studying their miniscule beauty under a microscope.  And the contents of my plant press are much more dignified now as well.

I hope you enjoy my “blog.”  It is merely intended as an outlet for me to organize my thoughts and explore my chosen subject, as well as a sly attempt to infect others with the desire to wander around meadows, pounce after grasshoppers, and dissect leaves.

Contact me with questions, comments, corrections, or blog topic suggestions at:  joan.meiners ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com

Hunting for bees at Pinnacles National Monument, CA

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